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I found a record on the LitvakSIG WWII evacuees list that may correspond to someone from my family. Is there a way to gain more information from that record.
The record I'm referring to is:

R10528 SLESERIS / [SHLESER], Yakov 
  Salomon b. 1907 
Communist party member 

WWII Evacuee to the USSR 
Served in the 16th division of the Red Army.

Russ Maurer

The description of that record group in the Lithuanian State Central Archive, as translated by Google, is "Lists of persons evacuated from the Lithuanian SSR to the depths of the USSR at the beginning of the German-Soviet war".  It is unlikely there is any further information to be had, as our translators are instructed to do a full extraction of each record. That said, the only way to be sure is to view a copy of the record, which is not online and has to be ordered from the archive. You can do so from this page (the page can be rendered in English using the flags at the top right of the page). The file is likely to be quite large but it is unclear how many images it would be. Regrettably, the "family registration number" (R10528) is a translator-assigned number which will be of no use in locating the page for your relative. You could ask them to search for your relative by name, I am not sure whether they will do that. 

 Russ Maurer, Records Acquisition & Translation coordinator, LitvakSIG


There are at several books about 16th Division, mostly in Lithuanian, perhaps there were some books written in Yiddish and Hebrew.  Also, check the message archives (always a  good idea). I think the topic has been brought before. Querying Russian databases such as may reveal a lot of information, especially if a person was awarded for valor.


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