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Moishe Tanenbaum

I am some how related to R' Shlomo Boruch Tennenbaum, born in 1891 and married Chaya ?. He was a Dayin in Stropkov. I have names of his children (but I cannot verify that): Wolf, Eliezer, Binyomin and Avrohom from Szeborov, Checkoslovakia. He was a "Talmud Muvak" of the great Ropshitzer Rebbe. I am looking for any information . Thank you.

Moishe Tanenbaum

Yitschok Margareten

Following are 2 links (Yiddish and Hebrew) with some information on R' Shlomo Boruch Tennenbaum. 


Hello, Mr.Moishe  Tannenbaum,                            27th August 2020

I wonder, may I politely ask,  did you read Dr Neil Rosenstein's  "  The Unbroken Chain --THIRD EDITION--chapter nine--page 722--725  ?

I wonder, if you are connected to the Tannebaum Family--from Szendro--my grandmother /Grunwald/Grunfeld was born there--or for that matter;Erdobenye, Putnok Tallya, Edeleny etc.we might have some joint ancestors around 1800?

Best wishes
Veronika-Mindle Malka - Pachtinger--London UK