David S. Rose #usa

Carol Jaffe

It's been some time since I tried finding my maternal grandfather's brother and got nowhere.  His name was David S ROSE born to Simon & Fannie/Fruma ROSE, in either Germany or Russia.  David was born in December 1876 and I have no idea when he died.  He had a sister Rose ROSE LAVINE 1867-1942 and a brother Harry Benjamin ROSE (my grandfather) 1871-1943.  David married Lillian Bordach January 18, 1917 in New York.
I do know he lived at one time in Rochester, NY as he and Harry had a men's store together.  His parents and sister and her family are all buried in Rochester.  Harry and his first wife are buried in Mt Carmel Cemetery, Queens, NY.  David and Harry were also in business together in Brooklyn, NY early part of 20th century and he also lived with Harry's family for awhile.
After his marriage he seemed to have disappeared, there is nothing past 1917. I'd like to know if he and his wife had children and where they are buried.  
Thanks in advance for any help,
Carol M Jaffe, Clearwater, FL