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Last week, I asked about the town name for the family in lines 11-14 of the attached ship manifest.  The image last week was the original and not good quality.  Attached is the enhanced version courtesy of My Heritage.  Also, including a blow up of the town name.

In their naturalization documents, they said they were from Ekaterinoslav, so No ???? might be a suburb, a transit town on their journey, or someplace else they lived before coming to the US.  All ideas appreciated.  Thanks,

Ralph Willing


Elusavetgrag in the documents ist now Kirovograg/ Kirovohrad.

That is what I can see.

David Barrett

The city is now called DNIPRO [ Ukraine] originally called Ekaterinoslav [ google]

David Mason

The town name in Russian would be Kirovgrad.  In cursive script, lower case д looks exactly like our cursive g.

Dave Mason