Marienthal...what is it? #general


Several of my grandfather's brother's were born in a place called Marienthal.
I found this in the Birth records of Bardejov in  Slovakian Church and Synagogue Books.
Is MArienthal a hospital, a place and where was it?

Cheri Ungerleider Crothers
Researching: Ungerleider ( Slovakia, HUngary); Hungerleider ( Wien), Atlasz ( Raslavice, Gerlacho, Presov), Feldmesser ( Hungary).

David Barrett

There is such  a place 30 km+  SW of Vienna, which was a focus of a social study in the early 1930s

David Barrett

Sherri Bobish


There is a town in Slovakia that was called Marienthal in German. 
Known today as Marianka.
However, this town is a 5 hour drive away from Bardejov.


Sherri Bobish

Penelope Cumler <penelope.cumler@...>

There would be tons of these as a place name as "thal" or today tal is the word in German for valley and many were named after Maria,

Penelope Cumler