Need Help Translating Documents From Poland #translation


I received some documents from Bialystok, Poland that I am trying to ascertain whether they are correct to my family.  Would anyone be willing to translate these for me, especially the first document.

Thank you very much.



Dr.Josef ASH

I don't know Polish, but I see they did all the work. this is the list of the names you need to be translated from the connected pages.
I have sent you translation of all the born children from the first page but now I understand you are interested in DENENBERGs only.
Am I right?
Josef ASH


Hello Dr. Josef,

Yes, I only need information pertaining to the Denenbergs.  As I have found these people on JRI-Poland in the past.  And the archives in Bialystok forwarded me these files they had on record.  The Denenberg my mother's side of the family.  They all originated from Biaylstok and immigrated to the USA.  Except for one who bastardized his way around Europe and has left our family with a legacy of newly discovered

Sophia Sherman