Looking for Barron family from Dusiat #lithuania

Deena Moss

I have been looking for ISRAEL or YITZCHAK  BARRON ,my gggrandfather, for a very long time and have not been able to find him. I never met any of my grandfathers  Morris M Barron's family and my father said nothing about him or his past., but repeated things like "So what's in a name"? and Pinsk, Minsk?  Grandfather's birth dates were different on each census. One clue was my grandfather's marriage certificate, stating his father was Isreal. , On his grave he is Menachem MENDEL. The second clue was the social security application form state his parent's names  L. BUNIM and Chiam Miriam. In looking at the Jewishgen site from Dusiat I see all those names mentioned. Can someone please help me figure it out and find my BARRON family? I would be so thrilled.
Deena Barron Moss