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I'm looking for information regarding which last names the children, my ancestors (or any ancestor in general) were given. Those of the father or those of the mother. I know that Hitler considered all Jewish children bastards and they were to take their mother's last names, however, is there any information that anyone knows of regarding practices before the second world war?  I have not been able to find any information about this. My relatives came from Poland (now Ukraine) and Austria and I have a copy of a birth certificate of one of my father's uncles (Poland) who was born in the late 1800s and his last name is his mother's.
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In many cases the mother's surname was used, usually the reason was that the marriage was undocumented. 
I think this practice was more common (or maybe even very common) in Poland.

Yitschok Margareten 

Annette Weiss

In the Austro-Hungarian Empire which included parts of what is now Poland and Ukraine, only "civil" marriages were considered "legal."  If your ancestors had only a religious marriage and not a civil one, the children would have to take the mother's name, since the marriage was not sanctioned by the government.  This happened to my grandfather and his brother in the 1880's.
Annette Weiss
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I had heard that during the era of conscripting children into the army at young ages, that because the Army wouldn’t take an only son, sometimes the family would change the last names of one of one of the sons, sometimes to the mothers maiden name.   

Roberta Schoen


I think that rule about not conscripting only sons was only valid in some countries (perhaps just Russia). My grandfather was drafted into the Austro-Hungarian army as a teen and he had no brothers.

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