Town of Tschatorisk? and BURKO-GOLDSHMIDT family of Kaunas #lithuania #ukraine

Susan Goldsmith

Does anyone recognize what town Tschatorisk is?  On Town Finder, only the fuzziest search gives the suggestion of Staryi Chortoryisk, Ukraine.  The other search parameters give nothing. 
I am looking for information about Gershon BURKO b. 1900 in Tschatorisk,  taken from Kovno Ghetto to Dachau, and his wife Rosa GOLDSHMIDT, b.1898, daughter of Rabbi Yaakov and  Zlate GOLDSHMIDT. 
Thank you,
Susan Goldsmith
SF Bay Area, CA, USA

Susan Goldsmith
San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
Researching GOLDSHMIDT, F(P)ILVINSKY, SHLIOMOVICH, GITTES (GADIE,GADYE, GIDUSH, GITES) Seta, Jonava, Kaunas, Adustiskes, Zemaiciu Naumiestes, Keidainiai, Ukmerge, Vandziogala, Lithuania
HOROWITZ, DRASNIN (DRASNE) Dauhinava, Belarus; TOBIAS (TOUBES, TOBES, TAUBES) Novyy Swerzhen and Stowbtsy, Belarus; ROZANSKY, BILINSKY, MIRANSKY Iasevichi, Belarus
DAVIS, HAFFNER Botosani, Romania
WAXMAN (WAKSMAN), KOENIGSBERG Sandomierz, Ostrowiec Poland

Rodney Eisfelder

Tschatorisk is a German spelling of a Polish or Russian etc town. The Polish equivalent of the German "Tsch" is "Cz", so that means the Polish name would be something like Czatorisk.
The JewishGen town finder description of Staryi Chortoryisk says the Polish name is Czartorysk, so I think you have found your town.

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia


Hi Susan, In this form it is not recognizable. The name refers to an old aristocractic family. Please check: 

Czartoryski - Wikipedia › wiki › Czartory...
Czartoryski (feminine form: Czartoryska, plural: Czartoryscy; Lithuanian: Čartoriskiai) is a Polish princely family of Lithuanian-Ruthenian origin, also known as ...
Connected families‎: ‎Sieniawski‎, ‎Poniatowski‎, ...
Estate(s)‎: ‎Czartoryski Palace
Motto‎: ‎Bądź co bądź; (Come what may)
Current region‎: ‎Poland

Alexander Sharon

Staryi Chortoryisk is a current (modern) name of the town Czartorysk, located on the Styr River In Wolynia region. Town is named after old Lithuanian prince family of Czartoryjski.
There are 29 entries for Staryi Chortoryisk in JGFF towns database.

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor