What port when leaving Europe #hungary

Lee Hover

My great grandparents left Hungary (supposedly lived in Budapest)  about 1882.  What port were they likely to have used?

Lacey, WA

Jorge Sexer

Hi Lee. Bremen or Hamburg, I would say. Trieste and FIume were closer to Hungary but the travel to the U.S. would have been longer and maybe more expensive.

Jorge Sexer


Consider also the possibility of Constantinople, now Istanbul, as a gateway from Hungary and any other country connected to the Black Sea in some fashion.
Yale Zussman

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

Lots of Jews from Eastern Europe left from Libau, Antwerp, Rotterdam. I assume that they had train tickets for Antwerp and Rotterdam, or took boats. Hamburg was about half the emigrants, and Bremen was big, but any port that could get people further west was fine. Mostly people got tickets from emigration agents, who sold tickets for certain boats for different prices and tickets for the train.

Western Europeans left from Le Havre and other ports in the west - there was no point in going east to Hamburg to go west, but people in the middle had choices. 

Checking the NYC (or other US) passenger list will tell you where the ship came from, then you have to figure out how your people got to that (or those) cities.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

The Becker's Email

Hamburg would be likely.  There are ship's mainfests for departures from Hamburg.

Johanna Becker