Ides Selzer Morgenstern #galicia

Milton Koch

Ides Selzer Morgenstern died in Mikulnice in 1892. Her parents were Naftali and Reisl Selzer from Trembowla. I have been in contact with someone who may be related to her-and me. My PGGP were Naftali and Reisl Selzer from Trembowla. However, I have no record of who Ides' husband was before she died, or if she had any children. Any/all assistance to match her with other relatives would be greatly appreciated. Though it may be possible that there were two Selzer families in the town with the exact same names, I wonder if anyone knows of any other descendants of Naftali and Reisl Selzer from Trembowla that might have been born between 1850-1870, or so. Thank you.
Milton Koch
Bethesda, MD, USA

Sherri Bobish


Have you searched for records from Trembowla at:

Also, try searching surname SELZER at FamilySearch and/or Ancestry database, and put Trembowla in birthplace field.

Also, do the same search with Trembowla in residence field.

Try both an exact and soundex search on the town name.  Town names in U.S. records often had variant spellings.


Sherri Bobish