Looking for lost husband of Pauline (Perl) SESSLER #austria-czech #usa


Pauline(Perl) SESSLER (mother was Raizel SHILLER) was born in 1867 in Tluste, Austria or nearby and married Hersh SPINNER(aka Hersh KNEIZER) born around 1860.  She immigrated to NYC in 1921 and by the 1930 census was listed as a widow using the SESSLER name.  Where were they married and when did he die? Were they divorced?  She’s buried in Beth David, Elmont on March 22, 1943.  Hersh was the son of Eli KNEIZER and Eli’s other sons (Meier and Joseph) used the SPINNER name.  This is the brick wall I’m trying to crack.  Can’t seem to make headway in Tluste now Tovste, Ukraine nor in the US.  Hersh has disappeared!!!!!   The marriage is interesting since Hersh was my grandfather (Meier SPINNER)’s brother and Pauline (Perl) SESSLER was the sister of my grandmother Simi SESSLER. Simi appeared to use her mother’s last name SHILLER.  I’m thinking children carried mother’s surname since most marriages were religious, not civil.  I’m really struggling with this.  Any suggestions would really help.......

Paula Spinner Schwartz