Postcard or Travel Document - Can you make anything of this? #translation

Daniel Gleek

Does anyone know what language this is written in?
..or what the document is
And can anyone translate any of it?
All I can make out is the year 1913!
Thank you,
Daniel Gleek in London
C L Lipman


Daniel GLEEK in London
Searching for: GLEEK/GLICK (Beisagola, Lithuania), ISOWITSKY/KUPCHIK (Dotchener, Poltava & Vorontzowka),
GLIKMAN/GLUCKMAN, WEITZENSANG & LIDRAL/LEDDA (Warsaw,Poland), MARCUS (Varniai, Lithuania) etc.

Dr.Josef ASH

It is Russian. and this is some official document
on the photo:
"Shmul Lejb LIPMAN
(I certify) the manual
sign and indentity..."
on the other side
"...of Shmul-Lejb
LIPMAN f.(ormer)
of entrusted me
8th kl(ass) of Commercial college of G.Z.
t(own) Kamenets-Pod(olsky)
June 4 1913. #263
acting as the Director
real council of State
I didn't succeed to read the stamp and the hidden behind word
Josef ASH

Dr.Josef ASH

just addition:
it may mean not "8th klass...", but
"8-years ... college",
Josef ASH