My uncle Mendel Wolf BLAU & Mordka BLAU from Kolbuszowa #galicia

P Berk

Seeking information about my uncle Mendel Wolf BLAU born Mar 7, 1891 in Kolbuszowa Poland.  My mother says she met her uncle Mendel in London after the war on her way to America.  I have found no record of him in London.
My aunt, mother's sister, completed a Daf Eid with Yad Vashem that Mendel and his daughter Rivkah died in a concentration camp in Poland.   My aunt went to Palestine in 1936 and would not have had 1st hand information about what happened during the holocaust.  I found no mention of Mendel in the US holocaust database of victims.
My aunt wrote the date of birth as 1899 which was closer to the day of birth to Mordka Blau born Jan 13, 1898 in Kolbuzowa. 
Their mother was Chana Golda Blau, father Schlomo KIra. 
Any information about Mendel, Rivkah, Mordka, and any family they might have had is most appreciated.

Peretz Berk
New York NY

Sherri Bobish


There is a database that may help you in your search.  It is called something like "coming here"  and it has a lot of documents about people who immigrated to England, including the time frame you seek.

I was able to find the database again a few weeks ago by using The Way Back Search Machine (the database is no longer maintained.)  However, I cannot find it now.

Can someone find it for Peretz?  I know lots of other 'Genners have used it.

Thank you,

Sherri Bobish

Barbara L. Kornblau


You may want to check out our "Kolbuszowa Region Research Group (KRRG)" on Facebook at One of our members might have more information for you

Barbara Kornblau
Co-administrator of the Facebook group
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