Vienna to Caracas, Venuzuela, 1938 #austria-czech

neville silverston

In 1938 my family, living in Manchester, UK, took in an 10 year boy whose name was Josef Fleischman.  His parents ran a successful patisserie shop in Vienna but, in view of the rising antisemitism in the city, they had moved to Caracas, Venezuela, where they established a similar business. A few weeks before the outbreak of WW2, we were able to book a sea passage for Josef.  Some years later he joined the Venezuelan air force as a pilot but was very sadly killed in an air accident.  He had an elder sister who had moved with her parents to Caracas.  Does anyone know anything about this lady?
Dr Neville Silverston
Cambridge. UK


Dear Mr Neville
Pls contact Vivian Sugar vesugar@...

She is one the nieces of Joseph

I'm Gabriel Farkas, her husband, son of Madeleine Polgar, the Jewish Gen subscriber

You will hear a LOT of stories

Gabriel Farkas