Home for Children, Antwerp c. 1947 #general


I have two cousins, since deceased, who traveled to Philadelphia, PA (US) in 1947 to live with my grandparents. They were 13 1/2 and 9 1/2 years old when they arrived in the US.

I have a record that indicates that the younger son moved from Frankfurt to Brussels with his parents in 1939-1942. I don't have evidence that the older brother moved with them, but I also have no reason to doubt it. The boys' parents and older sister were deported from Brussels to Auschwitz in 1942 where they perished.

I have no idea where the two boys spent the war and how they survived. Their ship's register says that their nearest relative or friend in their most recent location was the Home for Children, 22, Lange van Ruysbroekstr., Antwerp.

Can anyone tell me anything about the Home for Children? Is it possible that they were there during the war, safe from deportation? Did the Home open after the war?

I have searched online Arolsen records, Ancestry, FamilySearch, Yad Vashem and Kazerne Dossin.

I welcome any and all information and suggestions.

Leslie Floyd


This was a home, officialy an orphanage, started by a special couple, Mr Yonah and Mrs Ruth Tiefenbrunner where many Jews found refuge and were saved. It started off in Brussels in 1942. After the war it moved to 22 Lange van Ruusbroecstraat in Antwerp. The home closed in 1960.
A book has been written about the efforts of this courageous couple. It's called "angel of Orphans" by Malky Weinstock and published in 2009 by Targum Press Inc.