LOOK-UP? Passaic, NY, USA, GURTMAN, Henry, 1899-1973/Dora, 1899-1958 [POLAND] #poland #usa

Michael McTeer

Looking for possible 1958/1973 obits. Couple had lived in Passaic, New Jersey but are buried in Clifton.

I am trying to confirm if "Henry" GURTMAN, 13 Dec 1899-9 Dec 1973, buried King Solomon Memorial Park, Clifton, Passaic Co., New Jersey along with his wife, Dora, 15 Sep 1899-16 Jan 1958 is a member of the Szymko Szymon GURTMAN, b. 1861 and Sura Zelda BOGOMLNA(?), b. 1866 family that connects to KOPLIWICZ/LENCZNER relatives. Henry would be Chil Idel GURTMAN, b. 13 Dec 1899, Szczekociny, Poland and "Dora" his wife, Drejzla RUBINSKI, b. 15 Feb 1898, Jedrzejow. Chil is listed with his parents, siblings and wife in the "Books of Residents" for Szczekociny along with a son, Menachem GURTMAN, b. 25 Mar 1924. According to the Arolsen Archives, Chil, wife, Dora and son, "Michael" and his wife Amalia survived the war and went to the US (### Sherman St., Passaic St. New Jersey). "Max" GURTMAN has 1930/1940 Census listings at this address. Believe "Max" is probably Henry's brother Mendel, b. 1887, Kiev.

A circ. 1916 Lodz Registration Card for brother, Nojech. 1889, is marked "3 Jan 1921 Ameryki". There are 1921 New York passenger listings for Noach and his wife, Chawa Rywka ERLICHMAN going to her sister, Bessie CAPLON, #### Broadway, Schenectady, New York. It is possible that their parents, Szymon & Sura Zelda were also in the US (buried in Saddle Brook, Bergen Co., New Jersey?).

Chil's sister Rae Ruchla, b. 1892, married "Harry" (Abram Hersz) KOPLOWITZ and immigrated to St. Louis, MO. Harry's mother, Brucha (LENCZNER) KOPLOWICZ was sister to my great grandmother.

Thanks, Michael McTeer, Crowley, TX, USA


Sherri Bobish


Try searching this free site of old digitized newspapers.

You can search by name, or address.

The surname GURTMAN appears often in The Jewish Community News (Clifton, NJ.)  Also in Paterson newspapers, and others.

Names at Riverside Cem. in Saddle Brook can be searched at:

Some of the names you mention are listed on The Passaic County Clerk's Office database of naturalizations:
You can view the document itself at the above site.


Sherri Bobish

The Becker's Email

Herald-News, Passaic, NJ 17 Jan. 1958, p. 24
Gurtman, Dora of 242 Sherman St., Passiac,...beloved wife of Henry Gurtman, beloved mother of Mark and Michael and sister-in-law of Max  Gurtman.

Herald-News 17 Jan. 1958, p. 24
Dora Gurtman, 58, of 242 Sherman St., Passaic, died yesterday of an apparent heart attack while riding a public service bus from Clifton to Passaic....Born in Poland, Mrs. Gurtman settled in Passaic 9 years ago...Surviving her are her husband Henry, associated in the Passaic Metal Company, and two sons, Mark of Clifton, and Michael of Lincoln Park.

Herald-News, 12 Dec. 1975, p. 4  (note: findagrave has transcribed the year of death as 1973 which is incorrect)
Henry C. Gurtman,,,Born in Russia, he came to the US 27 years ago....survived by his wife Martha, two sons, Mark of Clifton, Michael of Wayne, two brothers, a sister and four grandchildren.

My source:

Johanna Becker

Michael McTeer

Thanks to all for the quick and loads of information especially Robert Murowchick for articles and Sherri Bobish for the link to the Passiac County site with naturalization papers. WOW. So lot of transcribing. I will post an update for the record. It seems most of the family was in the US before the war.

Besides Henry and Dora and son, "Michael" who survived the war, another sister, Brandla GURTMAN, b. abt 1877/1885, survived the war but then sorta disappeared post war in Hanover, Germany with her husband, Szmul Icyk HOLANDER, b.1869 on petition filed by a Morti HOLLANDER of Israel:
To the German Office in Berlin-Wittenau. Applicants: Morti HOLLANER, Tel Aviv, David Bloch 25, z. Currently Hanover Hotel am Steintor, Georgetr. 15; District Court, Dept. 88 -88 II 134-135 / 56- Hanover, February 15, 1957, Volger 1 - Postfach Fernruf: 1 61 71 Decision. In the proceedings for the purpose of the death declaration of;
a) Businessman Samuel HOLLANDER, b. on May 1, 1869 in Jaslo / Poland,
b) Wife Breindla HOLLANDER b. Haber, b. on March 16, 1877 in Pilznow / Poland,
Both have been residing in Hanover Klagesmarkt 7, the district court of Hanover decided;
The missing Samuel and Breindla HOLLANDER are declared dead with the restriction sus 12 para. 2 Versch, Ges. The time of the death of the missing is determined to be December 31, 1945 at midnight.

Another sister, Nacha. b1879, Kiev was married to Awner DANCYGIER, b. 1872, Szczekociny. Arolsen formally reported no info, but they had a son, Dawid Mendel DANCYGIER, 14 Dec 1900 who moved to France. He married as her second husband, Blima CYMBAL, b. 1893, Lodz. She first married Maurice ALTMANN (two "NN") having a son Herbert ALTMANN. In 1972, Herbert ALTMANN of ### West End Ave., New York, NY made an informal trace request for his stepfather, Awner. Now as then Arolsen reported "transfer of DANCYGIER David, born 1st September 1900 Szczikociny, from Camp Drancy to Concentration Camp Lublin-Majdanek on 6th March 1943." Arolsen, ltr, 12 Mar 1973
One last brother, Izrael GURTMAN, b. 1901, Szczekociny, filed a number of Pages of Testimony at Yad Vashem in 1956.

Thank again, Michael McTeer, Crowley, TX USA