Correct Marriage Date & Place - Jakob TORTEN & Lea Grünberg #austria-czech #galicia

Helen Kon

My great grandparents, Jakob Torten & Lea Grünberg lived in Podhajce, Galicia & moved to Vienna which they fled prior to World War II. A table on  JewishGen online has them listed as having marries in 1915 Vienna in the synagogue in Tempelgasse. Their children married a few years later in Orthodox synagogues in Vienna. It seems that Jakob & Lea must have married much earlier, possibly in Podhajce where they were from. Where can I locate a correct copy of Jakob Torten & Lea Grünberg's wedding year & venue? Thank you. - Helen Kon NYC, hedkon@...

Johann Hammer

Hi Helen,
Jakob Torten and Lea Grünberg actually got married in Vienna in 1915.

You can find the marriage on FamilySearch (IKG Vienna, Marriages 1915, Leopoldstadt, IKG signature 257, fol. 124, row 369, FS film no. 5274199, image 138 of 750):

Jacob was 47 and Lea was 41 years old and both were registered as widowed.

Kind regards,
Johann Hammer