Help to Take down a family tree created with FT Maker #general #records

Jeffrey B. Palmer, MD

I need help. I created an on-line family tree with Family Tree Maker in 2005. I believe the app was owned by I subsequently lost the password and forgot about the tree, as I have used Ancestry for many years. I later learned the tree is still posted and easily found with google. I tried toe contact family tree maker but it had changed hands and said they couldn’t help.

The problem is that I was unsophisticated at the time. The tree has many errors and does adequately protect confidentiality.

I obviously bear personal responsibility for creating this problem. PLEASE HELP you can. I feel terrible about this. 

Thank you very much.

Jeffrey Palmer

Baltimore, MD, USA 

Researching PINKOWITZ (Yedinitz, Bessarabia);


Chuck Weinstein

Do you have a link to this online tree?  If you do, contact the site directly.  The tree may be on  If that is the case, contact them directly for assistance.

Chuck Weinstein
Bellport, NY


Jefferey -

In order to offer advice, it would be good to know exactly where this tree is posted.   Can you go to the website and look at the URL and let us know what it starts with?  (For example, the URL for a tree posted on Ancestry will start with or

- Miriam Alexander Baker