What town is Kodmo Russia? #bessarabia #ukraine

Fran Stark-Hundiak

I hope someone can help me.  My great grandfather lists his birthplace as Kodmo Russia on his French Naturalization documents.  On his American Naturalization documents he lists Kishinev on one document and Kodowo on another.  I need help identifying the actual place.  Here is what I know.

First child was born in Kishinev in 1881, Second child born in Odessa 1884, Third child born in Kishinev 1888. No actual records found for any of these births.

2nd Wife is from Gaisin.  His two sisters lived in Odessa in 1907 per his statement on passenger list.

I looked on the Jewishgen Town finder and came up with 3 possibilities.  Can anyone narrow these down further?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Fran Stark-Hundiak
Michigan USA

Dr.Josef ASH

I see Kodyma on the map of Ukraine, close to the Moldavian border. town of about 8000 inhabitances.
Josef ASH, Israel.


Hi Fran - My great-grandfather also lived in Kodyma, and also had a second wife. They perished during the holocaust. His name was Feivel Zibulsky or similar. I don't know the name of his second wife. Could we be related?

Cheryl Grossman


Hi again Fran - As I was buoyant with hope that we could be related I wrote my last message but, of course we're not related, because my great-grandfather never emigrated to North America, for he and his wife died during the holocaust. However, with hopes that there still could be some sort of connection - here I am. Cheryl Grossman

John Sims <safenumber1@...>

Could the town be Kovno which is mainly Lithuania though I have seen it listed with other neighbouring countries Lithuania has border with Ukraine I believe?
John Sims