Hi~Searching for Family. GERSZON & POLEJES from Rubezhevichi, Belarus. #belarus


Hi Adam!

id love to touch base with you over the Gerszon name!!

please feel free to call me at +1-941-685-4830. I’m in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

Or, you can email me at Siennastef@...

Israel Gerszon died shortly after his first child, Frances, was born. Frances & her mother, Bejla, immigrated to the US in 1925. This is all I know.

Please contact me by cell or email.

Sincerely, Stefanie

Sherri Bobish


It is not clear from your message exactly what you are looking for.

Are you looking for research tips for searching U..S. records, or for Belarus records?

Are there specific types of records you seek, i.s. passenger manifests or census, etc.?


Sherri Bobish

Janis and Joe Datz

I am working on the Stolpce yizkor book.  Stolpce is not far from your ancestors' town.  It is mentioned in the book.  However, unfortunately, I do not see these surnames in my work in progress master surname list. Janis Friedenberg Datz

Adam Cherson

Dear Stefanie,
I keep a database of Gerszons due to my own tree's Kherszon (both pronounced as an 'h' in slavic). This is a long shot of course, but I do have an Ysroel Gerszon born in Vilna in 1866. Please contact me if you have any information connecting your ggf to the Vilna area.
Adam Cherson


Hi all~

Searching my Mother's side of the family.  

My name:  Stefanie Haftel Warrenbrand
My Mother:  Sylvia Karalefsky Haftel
Her Mother: Frances Gerson (Gerszon)-->New Haven, CT
Her Grandmother:  Bejla (Beala, Bayla) Polejes (Poleyes)/Husband Israel Gerszon-->New Haven, CT
Her Great Grandfather: Juda (Judah? Yehuda) Polejes 

If there is anyone that can help me search Sideways and Further Back in this part of the tree, I'd appreciate it so much!


Sincerely, Stefanie