Bloch Family from Raslavice #hungary

F. Zappa

I am researching the Bloch family from Raslavice Hungary.  My entire family migrated to the USA by the early 1900s.  I am particularly interested in the early history of Judah (Julius) Bloch, married to Lotti Gottdiener Bloch.  Lotti's parents were Isak Nathan Gottdiener and Gertrude "Kati" Stern Gottdiener.

The Bloch family migrated to Ohio and most, to Cleveland.

What I am particularly interested in is Judah's parents.  According to my records, Judah Bloch was born in Zalobin (Zsalobina.)  At 16 years of age (1869), he was staying with a Stern family in varanno (Vranov) and two possibilities are that his mother passed and the Sterns took him in, or that he was at that location to study the Torah as his eventual profession was as a Scribe.  His father is listed as a David Bloch and his mother's name is unknown.  Judah has a sister named Anna Bloch, who married into the Milder family.  And in some records, Judah and Anna are listed as children of the above named Isaak and Gertrude Gottdiener.

My family is curious about events during Judah and Anna's early life.  Unfortunately nobody in the current Bloch family has any knowledge of this time frame.
Russell Bloch
Metro Detroit, Michigan
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