New Lezajsk Database for recent discovered gravestones #poland #galicia #announcements

Moses Jefferson


You might be aware about the recent discovery in the town square of Lezajsk, Poland. Workers unearthed 150 gravestones in July, which were stoled from the nearby Jewish Cemetery to lay foundations for roads, under the orders of the occupying Nazis.

Described as one of the biggest 'matzevot' finds in recent times, around 100 of the gravestones are still complete. Another 50 headstones were broken up into small pieces and used to fill in the base of the road.

I have gathered as much images possible I could find online, and have deciphered and complied the relevant data into a database which can be accessed here: 

The database currently consists of ONLY 33 Mazevot. The earliest dating February 1915 and the most recent January 1938, it seems the Nazis favoured the ‘newer’ gravestones for their disgusting act.

The database can currently be searched in English, but also displays the original Hebrew names & dates.

I have recently contacted the archeological team responsible for the finding, demanding they share with me photographs for the remaining Matzevot, but unfortunately they still haven’t decided on it. 

Your comments and suggestions are welcome! Especially if you have additional photographs.


Moses Jefferson 
Genealogist & Researcher of Jewish History
London, UK

Nolan Altman

HI Moses,

Would you please share your database, and photos if you get them, with JewishGen so we can add the material to the JOWBR database?  Please contact me at NAltman@... 

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Nolan Altman
JOWBR Coordinator