Austria Historic Agreement to Secure Jewish Life in Austria #announcements #austria-czech

Jan Meisels Allen



The Jewish Community of Vienna (IKG), has reached an historic agreement with the federal government of Austria to safeguard and foster Jewish life in the long term.  The new law will enable the consolidation of the Jewish Community, securing its infrastructure and the services it has to offer. This includes schools, culture, youth, care, social support, public relations, security and many other areas.


The Austrian government will create a new legal initiative for that purpose. The core of this undertaking is the financial support by the federal government for the Jewish Community in the amount of €4 million annually.


IKG President Oskar Deutsch, said “The new law must also be seen as an anchor of the IKG as our unified community in which all forms of Judaism organize themselves democratically. It is a sad but necessary reality that Jewish life is only possible with professional security measures and the commitment of many community volunteers and employees. At the same time, the close cooperation of our security staff and commission with Austrian authorities have made us one of the safest communities in Europe”.


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Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee