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Paul Silverstone


When my grandmother Sarah arrived in Canada in 1887 with her mother and
7 siblings, some of the children’s names were different. I am asking
for comments on these names and the names they had after arrival. The
manifest reads:

Deborah Rosen wife 33 (Dest.:) Winnipeg, Man. = born 1854
Sarah dom 16 1871
Scheinie dom 15 1872
Israel lab 13 1874
Rifke child 11 1876
Noah child 10 1877
Czarnia child 9 1878
Chaya child 8 1879
Ichel child 7 1880
Hannah child 4 1883

Leaving out Israel, who was not her child, her children were:

Sarah born 1872
Annie 1874
Rachel (Ray) 1876
Noah 1877
Maggie 1878
Claire 1880 or 1882
Kate 1882 or 1883
Ephraim 1882 or 1880

Sarah, Noah and Rifke (Rachel) match, Ichel is Ephraim. Perhaps one
must disregard the dates given on the manifest. Who do the names
Scheinie, Czarnia, Chaya, and Hannah match? I am fairly sure that
Chaya is Claire, but if Annie is Scheinie, then Hannah must be Kate,
and Czarnia is Maggie. As we know, there was no necessary logical
matching of old and new names.
Paul Silverstone
West Vancouver, BC


Chana Bonn

Do you have tombstones for the relatives whose names you're trying to match?  The tombstones may give you the answers you need, since both Hebrew and English names are often engraved.
Good luck with your search!
Chana Bonn, Philadelphia