Subject: New Holocaust Database Sets - Selected Jewish Refugee Passenger Manifests and Lublin Marriages #poland #germany #holocaust #JewishGenUpdates

Nolan Altman

JewishGen is pleased to announce that two new data sets have been added to the Holocaust Database (

Selected Jewish Refugee Passenger Manifests

In the year 1940, two modest-sized sister ships of the Furness-Withy line, the aptly name Newfoundland, and the Nova Scotia made eleven crossings of the Atlantic from Liverpool to Boston. The ships made intermediate stops at St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Halifax, Nova Scotia carrying a total of 1,052 passengers to their Boston destination.  The majority of passengers were Europeans whose home countries, Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland, had been taken over by the Nazis.

Among these were 898 Jewish refugees, fortunate enough or far-seeing enough to have acquired travel documents in time to escape the impending holocaust. During the previous year, 1939, the two ships had made a similar number of Liverpool to Boston voyages but did not carry any Jewish passengers. By 1941 the vessels had been converted for wartime use by the British Navy. One became a hospital ship and the other a transport. Both were eventually sunk during the war.

The database was created by David Rosen. To learn more about this data set, please see


Lublin Marriages (1939 – 1942)

A register of Jewish marriages from the city of Lublin, Poland during the Holocaust period, was found by a Gesher Galicia volunteer, filed away in the Polish State Archives branch in Przemyśl.  (Lublin is not in Galica.) No one knows how it got there or why it was stored there.  Upon finding the register, JewishGen volunteers indexed the records and added it to JewishGen’s Holocaust Database. 

The database was created by Jola Kruszniewska, Robert Lubinski, and Eugene Steingold. Please see to learn more about this data set.

You can search these records, along with all of JewishGen’s records from the Unified Search page at Alternatively, to search the Holocaust Database specifically, please start at  You will also find a listing of all the component databases below the search grid.  By entering search terms in the grid, you will search all component databases at once.

Nolan Altman

Holocaust Database Coordinator

September 2020


Sinai (Sonny) PUTTER


Is there a way to browse the new 1939-1942 Lublin marriage entries, instead of searching by name?

Sonny Putter
Bellevue, Washington U.S.A.