Seeking Lasutra / Lester in Toronto #ukraine #israel #canada


Naftali Lasutra and his wife Hannah/Nekhama or Khaya were born in Pulin near Zhitomir in the 1880's. They got out of Russia in the early 1900's and eventually settled in Toronto. (It is not clear whether they married in Russia or in the West). Naftali Lasutra was known to his "behind the iron curtain relatives" as Naftula. While in Canada, he changed his surname to Lester. It is possible, he changed his first name as well. Naftali Lasutra was one of six brothers. He left Russia with two of them. One brother went back during the Bolshevik revolution; another one settled in Jerusalem and changed his name to Yakov Ben-Dov. He became a well known photographer and a documentary film maker.


Yakov Ben-Dov's wife was Reizl Rabinovitch/Rabinowitz, from Zhitomir.


Their photo, assumed from the 1950's, can be viewed at


Any information about Lasutra/Lester or leads will be greatly appreciated.



Boris Feldblyum
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