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Miriam Bulwar David-Hay

I’ve posted a Russian document on ViewMate and would be very grateful for a full translation as I’m puzzled about some aspects of it. I believe it’s the birth record of my great-great-grandfather Szmul LICHTENSTEIN, son of Hiler and Dwojra, apparently registered in 1884 in the small village of Miedniewice, Poland. I know he was actually born in the town of Kiernozia in 1870, so I am wondering if there is anything in the document that explains why his birth was only registered 14 years later, and in that village, and mixed in with non-Jewish records. Was the family living in that village then? Also I am wondering why he seems to have another name, Jan, after his name. Most importantly, does the document indicate whether his father was still alive at this time? Any assistance would be most gratefully received. Thanking you in advance.

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In Russian:





Состоялось в селе Шиманов 18 (30) ноября 1884 года в 2 часа дня.  Объявляем, что в присутстсвии Яна Каминского 50 лет и Юзефа Гончарчика 44 лет, обоих земледельцев из Медневицe, совершен сегодня на основании разрешения Генеральной (не ясно) Варшавской (не ясно) епархии от 18 (30) мая сего года, за номером 1872, обряд святого крещения над евреям Шмулем Лихтенштейном, 14 лет, рожденным в Кернозы, в 1870 году от Хиллера (Хиллы) Лихтенштейна и законной жены его Двойры, урожденной Шафир, супругов Лихтенштейн, которому при святом крещении совершенным сегодня Каефаном Гржешкевичем дано имя Ян, с оставлением ему той же фамилии Лихтенштейн.  (не Ясно) были вышеупомянутый Ян Каминский и Антонина Гончарчик .  Акт сей присутстсвующим неграмотным прочитан и нами подписан.


Подпись  Подпись


Translate into English:





It took place in the village of Shimanov on November 18 (30), 1884 at 2 pm. We announce that in the presence of Jan Kaminsky, 50 years old and Józef Goncharczyk, 44 years old, both farmers from Mednewice, was performed today on the basis of the permission of the General (not clear) Warsaw (not clear) Diocese of May 18 (30) this year, number 1872, rite baptism over the Jews by Shmul Liechtenstein, 14 years old, born in Kernose, in 1870 from Hiller (Hilla) Liechtenstein and his legal wife Dvoira, nee Shafir, the spouses of Liechtenstein, who was given the name Jan at holy baptism by Caefan Grzeszkiewicz today of the same surname Liechtenstein. (not clear) were the aforementioned Jan Kaminsky and Antonina Goncharchik. This act was read by the present illiterate and signed by us.


Signature Signature

 Translated by Michael Ryabinky

It's not a document of Yan (Shmul) birth, it is a document of conversion to Christianity when Yan (Shmul) was 14 years old.