David Bresler :Ukrainian Jew who became Cuban citizen 1920s-1930s #latinamerica #ukraine #records

Sherri Bobish


Have you seen the information on David and his wife on Ancestry in this database:
Canada, Immigrants Approved in Orders in Council, 1929-1960.
It gives a lot of info on his wife (including the name she arrived to Canada under), where she worked in Canada, she went to Cuba to marry David in Nov. 1934,  the fact that David is a clothing merchant, and that they knew each other before she came to Canada, and lots more helpful data.  It seems to be dated April 6, 1936.

Also, found manifest info on David's wife which gives the name of her brother in Canada, and her married sister in Brooklyn, NY.

Sherri Bobish


An ancestor, David Bresler,  left Ukraine in the 1920s for Cuba - exactly when I don't know- and became a Cuban citizen. (I believe he came from Dzyhivka in Podolia but am not sure.)

In the mid 1930s he was able to immigrate to Canada to join family there. I would like help accessing his Cuban records, especially his naturalization files and finding the ship manifest for his journey to  Cuba.

I have his Canadian naturalization data and his files from the Jewish Immigrant Aid Society of Canada, but they don't provide the information I am seeking.

I have tried numerous Cuban contacts: I wrote to a rabbi in Havana, and also emailed "El patronato- la casa de la Comminidad Hebrea de Cuba"- but haven't received any responses.  I would be happy too engage a Cuban researcher - but don't know who. Any suggestions on how to uncover more of David's past would be most appreciated.
Sarah Liron, California