ABILES/ ABELLES/ABELES of Hochlieben, Rakonitzer Kreis, Bohemia #austria-czech


On Wed, Feb 1, 2006 at 09:07 AM, Ron Herrmann <ron_herrmann@...> wrote:
4. As for ABELES(s) changing their names to something
else, that may have been due to the many ABELES versus
ROBITSCHEK jokes that were popular in the late
1800s... where Mr. ABELES was portrated as an Idiot
who debates things with "wise" Mr. ROBITSCHEK (or
robicsek) ... and those jokes were not an issue for my
g-grandfather Maxmilian ROBITSCHEK (born 1863 in
Radowesnitz) who married Regina ABELES (born 1873 in

Ron Herrmann, Bedminster, NJ, USA
MANDL >from Bohemia (mostly Saaz/Zatec and Prague).

Subject: ABILES/ ABELLES/ABELES of Hochlieben,
Rakonitzer Kreis, Bohemia
From: Celia Male <celiamale@...>
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 11:15:12 -0800 (PST)

Wilma Iggers {nee ABELES} wrote to me and I have her
permission to quote:
"I would like to know more about my ABELES ancestors
and am willing to
share what I know. To introduce myself: I emigrated
from Czechoslovakia
with my family in 1938, to Canada. My father was
Karl (Karel) ABELES; his
father was Richard ABELES, {Jewish first name, after
his grandfather Rubin}.
His father was Israel ABELES.

He [Israel] and his wife Franziska and their 9
children - I know all their
names - lived in Hochlibin - Vysoka Libyna near
Kralovice. His father, [ie
Wilma's gtgtgrandfather] who spelled his name Rubin
ABELLES was born in 1790.

Israel had a brother Ignaz. Rubin's first wife's
name was Libuse, his
second, Ignaz's mother was Magdalena. I had some of
this info. >from
Magdalena's grandson, Dr. Hans ABELES [deceased] in
New Jersey."

Then there followed some personal contact info re
Hans' family. Wilma has
much of the ABELES data in the US [she is currently
in Germany] and she
also has compilation by Richard ABELES of Phoenix,
Arizona. Wilma then
"I have been hoping to do some research, but have
not had time, and have,
perhaps wrongly, thought that all I would find is
names and dates. I
would love to hear >from anybody who could tell me
more, and would be
glad to pass on what else I know. My info. about my
POPPER ancestors
and early relatives is about as extensive as about
the ABELES, less about
ORNSTEIN and FINGERS, my other grandparents and
their families."