Who Was Dawid APOThEKER (APOTHEKERIS ) From Kaunas #lithuania

Abuwasta Abuwasta

While researching my father's in law Dawid APOTHEKER from Galicia who managed to get to Shanghai thanks to the Japanese Consul in 

Kaunas I discovered that there was another Dawid APOTHEKER  who also got a visa to Japan but never got there. Recently I discovered in the Litvak SIG database that he 

was on the voters list in Kaunas and was born in 1909. I have a copy of a telegram he sent from Vilnius  on May 15th,1941 to friends in Kobe, Japan. He signed with his name and

Marjan and Mirylek who were apparently his son and wife. I assume that he was a relative of us who somehow got himself to Lithuania and settled in Kaunas. I would be thankful to any 

one who will help to shed a light on this person.

Jacob Rosen