St Anne's Lancashire during WW2 #unitedkingdom

neville silverston

Dear Hilary

There is no town in Lancashire Uk with the name St Anne’s.  There is the coastal resort of Lytham St Anne’s south of Blackpool to where I was evacuated at the beginning of WW2 from Manchester, Lancs.  I was one of 1500 boys who attended Manchester Grammar School who were evacuated during ‘the phoney war’.  We returned back to Manchester in December, 1939.  Manchester was heavily bombed one year later.

Dr Neville Silverston

Cambridge.  UK

Michael Sharp


I beg to disagree

You are correct that the municipality is called Lytham St Annes but the municipality is a combination of two villages, Lytham and St Annes which maintain their separate identities. Lytham was the original village, St Annes (properly St Annes-on-Sea) was a 19th century planned development next door

Michael Sharp