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Merrie Blocker

What the critics are saying about On a Clear April Morning, a Ukranian-Brazilian Jewish Journey, that I translated from the Portuguese.  Merrie Blocker, Silver Spring, Maryland

 " Marcos Iolovitch's "On a Clear April Morning" is an especially exotic version of the Jewish immigrant experience....[It] can be described as a Brazilian version of Abraham Cahan’s “The Rise of David Levinsky,”  I was reminded of the characters who appear so often in the stories Isaac Bashevis Singer, earnest young men who are tormented by the temptations of the flesh and seek consolation in literature and philosophy. And the book is considerably enriched by the foreword, preface and afterword that appear in Blocker’s translation.  [And],  Marcos Iolovitch is ... a writer who wins us over completely."  Jewish Journal.

"The poetic language of Iolovich in this novel is very readable and well worth the time.....[And] The prefaces by Scliar and Blocker, and an extensive afterword by Blocker, inform the reader in fascinating detail of attempts to settle Jewish immigrants on farms in South America and trace Iolovich’s connection to the larger outside philosophical world, his literary development, and fame." Reform Judaism:

the book is beautifully translated as Blocker manages to transmit the Portuguese into an English that flows naturally even through paragraph-length sentences, successfully keeping the translation as close as possible to the original phrasing without losing the musicality of Iolovitch’s writing.”  Asymptote 

"On a Clear April Morning is a surprising unique jewel. Written in a beautiful, almost poetic style, it sheds light on the struggle of so many Jews that escaped Russia in the hope of building a better future in Latin America. Narrated in first person, this autobiography is an incredible testament of the odyssey so many Jews went through at the beginning of the twentieth century. I also found the translator's notes very helpful in understanding the historical context."  Amazon reviewer