Hungarian Diary Translation Needed #hungary #general #translation


Hi All,

We recently discovered a small diary with poetry written by a grandmother in Hungarian during the aftermath of WWII.
We can make out the names of great grandparents and more, thus making this find more intriguing.

Can anyone please advise the appropriate channel to have this translated to English while preserving the poetic content to a certain extent?

Michael Bauer
Brooklyn, NY


I suggest picking a page or two and posting on ViewMate. Poetry translation really depends on the specific poem, so while I'm willing to give it a try, I don't want to commit to the whole thing, and posting to VM would give others a chance to try, as well.

Julia Szent-Györgyi
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Peter Cherna

How much text is there? If it's a modest amount, then posting to ViewMate as Julia suggested can work. There are also Facebook forums where volunteers are doing an incredible service helping people understand Hungarian documents.

If there are lots of pages, it may be beyond what you can expect volunteers to respond to. If it's poetry, you may also want to capture some of the artistry, and not just the gist of the names and topics.

I have about 80 letters my grandmother wrote to my father, and I found a translator on that I paid for the work. I sent samples to a few of the people offering services, and picked the best result to send the rest of the letters to, and in my case I was super satisfied. I knew my grandmother when I was very little so I was able to "hear" her personality in the best of the translations. If you want the name and link of the specific translator on Fiverr that I ended up using, send me a private message.

Peter Cherna