Zagradowka, Ukraine #latinamerica #ukraine

Merrie Blocker

Does anyone have any family that came from Zagradowka (Zahradivka) in Kherson Oblast in southern Ukraine. Jewish Gen doesn't list Zagradowka as a town where Jews lived, but I recently translated On a Clear April Morning     the story of a family that immigrated to Brazil in 1913 from Zagradowka and I am wondering if there are other Jewish families from there as well.  The family I know of was the family of Yosef Iolovitch.  Many thanks,  Merrie Blocker Silver Spring, MD

Sherri Bobish


I did read that Mennonite farmers settled in that area, and that Jewish farmers co-settled with German Mennonite families.

And, quoting from the website noted below:
"Zagradovka Colonies   The Zagradovka colonies were to the west of the Ingulez River on 60,000 acres.  The land was purchased by Leo V. Kochubey in 1871 for the purpose of establishing daughter colonies for the Molotschna Mennonites.  There were 16 colonies settled between 1872 and 1883.  Another colony to the north, Nikolaidorf, considered itself a part of the Zagradovka settlement except administratively.   It was sold in 1908 to Russians."


Sherri Bobish