Searching Michael GOLDSMITH Volochysk/Podvolochisk #ukraine

Adam Turner

There are currently virtually no records from Volochysk in the JewishGen Ukraine database, outside of a handful of people listed in the Vsia Rossiia business directory and a few cases of people from Volochysk who are mentioned in the vital records of other towns and cities. Maybe Alex Krakovsky's wiki will eventually have more; at the moment, I think the only Volochysk records on his wiki are from a census list covering all of that district. There is also some good info on the Volochysk KehilaLink.

Pidvolochysk was part of Austria-Hungary until World War I, and consequently many of its records have been translated and indexed by JRI-Poland and Gesher Galicia, where they can be searched.

Adam Turner

Sherri Bobish


My grandfather,Michael GOLDSMITH, was from Volochisk.  He once told me his father was from Podvolochisk.  Looking for information on either/both towns and trying to locate any family.