Help unravelling the mystery of Sarah and Victor LEVIN, LIverpool, England #unitedkingdom


Help unravelling the mystery of Sarah and Victor LEVIN

Sarah Levin was my great Aunt, born about 1861 in Izabelin, Belarus and married Vigder Levin also from 'Russia'. They had 2 children Abraham born 1885 in Russia and Flora born 1887 in Izabelin, Belarus.  I have found Sarah and Abraham together in the 1901 census in Liverpool and I have found Sarah and Flora together in the 1911 census in Liverpool.  I know Abraham married in Llanelli and sadly died in 1909.  I can't find the family in the 1891 census.  This is probably not surprising as I know Sarah's brother my ggf and his family arrived in Liverpool in the late 1890's.
What I can't find and I would like help with please is any evidence of Victor in the UK. (On his daughter's marriage certificate (Liverpool 1911)  the surname was spelt Levien). I also can't find a death record for Sarah. I know her daughter Flora (later Florie) married a David Lurie from Holyhead and Flora moved to Anglesey and she was certainly there up until 1950. Flora died in 1965 in London, presumably following her children there, her husband David having died in 1947 in Anglesey. So I did wonder whether Sarah may have moved to her daughter or even to London where her brother was for some time. Any suggestions much appreciated

Rachel Poole

Searching: LEVIN/E- Belarus, UK, SILVER - UK, Russia/Poland, COHEN- - Latvia, UK, LYPSYZC/LIFSHITS/LYONS - Belarus, UK, USA