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I made my family tree for many years,  and posted it on MyCanvas, from Alexanders.( Familily Roimiser, Roimisher, Roemicher, Romischer...etc).  Since that site uses Flash Player, which will disappear before the end of 2020, the site will disappear as well, and our books too. I preserve the copied material, but the possibility of continuing to edit a book that has been built for so many years ends. Does anyone go through this experience, and perhaps have a solution?
Thank you

Joyaa Antares

To better ensure those with a knowledgeable response notice your question, may I suggest reposting this question under a more informative title?  Something like: "Flash Player will disappear: how do I preserve family tree posted on MyCanvas?"
Good luck with your enquiry.
Joyaa ANTARES, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Roy Star

I have the same problem. Over the years, I have printed everything and preserved them in a folder with plastic sleeves, like a book! Whereas in the past, you could update individual pages when you added or amended your details automatically, it would, unfortunately, mean RE-TYPING individual pages where information is altered! Can anybody offer an alternative solution?

Roy Star

Richard Werbin

Does MyCanvas offer an option to print your family tree?

If yes, remember that most PCs offer an option to print to a pdf file and save it to disk.
If you don't see that option when choosing printers, google to find a free pdf utility that will add it to your computer.
Also, remember that there are many PDF reader applications that will let you OCR the images so that you can search for text.

Richard Werbin  New York, New York

Maurice I. Kessler

I donated most of my records to YIVO.  This is a Jewish archives in NYC. U can google them.

Or call and talk to Leo Greenbaum , Archivist.

Maurice Kessler

Fred Kolbrener

In resonse to my question sent to MyCanvas, I received the answer below:
My Question:

A recent question that popped up was related to the demise of the Flash player at the end of this year. I’ve not used your site, but am interested what will happen to any posted (published) family trees that people put on your site.

1. Will the trees be lost?
2. Have you got an alternate technology to keep those trees alive?
3. Are you going to continue to help people publish their trees through your site?"

The Answer I received:
"Hi Fred, Thank you for contacting MyCanvas Our program does use Adobe Flash and Adobe Flash is being dissolved. None of the Browsers will support it and it is rendering our program inoperable. We will be introducing a new version of our program that will begin on October 15 and the current Program will run until.
November 1. Three will be a two week overlap so that customers will be able to copy and drag their photos from the current site to the new site. This change will not affect your Ancestry Trees or account With our new version we will have a link to Ancestry to use your trees for creating Family History Books and Family Tree Posters. Unfortunately the projects on the current version will not be able to be access after November 1st. We will be making some announcements of discounts and details about the projects soon. Please let me know if you have questions I will be happy to help you. Thank you."

Hope that helps.  Contacting MyCanvas is the best way to handle your questions.

Fred Kolbrener (not affiliated with MyCanvas)