GILINSKY in Lithuania #lithuania


GILINSKY was a prevalent name in Svencionys, Lithuania and there are many listings for the name
In the LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database, which you can search at

Judy Baston

Barbara Levy

I have gone to the LitvakSIG All Lithuanian Database, and looked everywhere for their names. I have not been successful. I have looked at Svencionys through the JGFF, and I was not successful there. 
Barbara Levy

Daniel Gleek

If it helps, I have some Golinsky family members on my tree, but there seem to be a lot of Galinsky people out there!
I imagine Gilinsky, Golinsky and Galinsky were all the same name originally?
Daniel GLEEK in London
Searching for: GLEEK/GLICK (Beisagola, Lithuania), ISOWITSKY/KUPCHIK (Dotchener, Poltava & Vorontzowka),
GLIKMAN/GLUCKMAN, WEITZENSANG & LIDRAL/LEDDA (Warsaw,Poland), MARCUS (Varniai, Lithuania) etc.


My mother-in-law was a Galinsky from Poland. The family knows very little except her father was Nathan Galinsky from Poland who emigrated to New York (Brooklyn) in early 1900s.
Barbara Cohen


Unfortunately Galinsky is a very common name. I have a lot of Galinsky's in my family who settled in Leeds, UK however one did emigrate to New York.

David Grant

Barbara Levy

The Gilinskys that I'm looking for lived in what is now Lithunia. Their children all came to the US. The parents, who lived all their lives in what is now Lithuania died quite young. The mother, Blume Gittel Nillis Gilinsky (known as Gertie) died in her 30s, possible in childbirth. The father, Refuel, died in his 40s. Their oldest child, Chaya Riva, took care of the others. She was married to a man named Harry Grimm. The other children were Sora Feigel (who died in childbirth), Shayla, Fruma Devasha, and Yudis. Fruma Devasha was my grandmother, and although I don't how she came to the US, I do know that she was married in 1907 in Nashua, NH. Does anyone have any information on these people???
Barbara Levy