LEVINE family, Cardiff, Wales #unitedkingdom

I don’t know the family. My great grandfather, Joseph Love, and his brothers Myer and Benjamin and sister Sarah Stone (husband Malach) arrived in Cardiff from Grodno in the late 1880s or early 1890s and assumed the name Love which is similar to Levy. It is said that my great grandfather claimed the family name was Dobromyslov but it’s a brick wall that I haven’t been able to beak through. Has anyone ever heard that name? Joseph Love was the only sibling to move to the United States. My grandfather and two of his brothers were born near Cardiff before sailing for New York in late 1899. I love telling people I have Welsh ancestry  

Harold Love
Pittsburgh, PA

rv Kaplan

This is a longshot, but...

My great grandmother's sister, Minnie Fayn from Lithuania, joined her siblings in Glasgow, Scotland, where she married Ruben Levy in 1892.  The couple had 2 daughters, one of whom died as an infant in Glasgow and the other (Rachel) was blind.  Minnie, Ruben and Rachel Levy moved to Cardiff in Wales.  Minnie died in 1910.  Rachel married, no children that I know of, and died in 1962.  

In Cardiff, for some reason, the family seemed to be known as Levine.  No idea why!   

What became of the widower Ruben Levy aka Reuben Levine?  A Reuben Levine married Annie Savitcky in Cardiff in June 1910.  My guess is that this was my relative (whose first wife, Minnie, died in January 1910 - was that too soon to remarry?).  In 1951, the Jewish Chronicle in London carried the announcement of the death of Reuben Levine of Cardiff, who is mourned by his wife Annie and children: Maurice, Rachel, Lena, Minnie, Hetty and Golda.  Did the widower Reuben Levine marry a widow called Annie?  Of the 6 children listed, Rachel could have been his daughter from his first marriage - and the other 5 could have been the children of Annie's first marriage - or some could have been the children of Reuben and Annie's second marriage.

The Jewish community in Cardiff was never very big and is now quite small, but I wonder if any of these names mean anything to anyone out there?


Harvey Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland