Bukofzer / Oppenheimer in France FRENCH records #france

David Selig

   Hi Jewishgenners

I live in Paris.
I seek information on the two following people :

born 26.11.1897, Bad Mergentheim, Germany
who married (as 2nd marriage)
b. 22.05.1892, Filehne (Wielen) Prussia.

Fritz moved to Paris.  I believe it may have been in 1937.
Marta also moved to Paris, but I am not sure of the date.
At latest, May 1938 (this was recorded in her residence card in Mannheim from where she emigrated)  BUT it is possible it was earlier.
She had a sister Meta KAUFMANN, who moved to Paris in 1935.

Had Marta already met and MARRIED Fritz in Germany, or was that in Paris?
They went to the South of France at the start of the War.
It is possible they were in Marseille.
The Kaufmann family were photographed there, in ca. 1941.

ALl these returned to Paris, I believe when the South was occupied.
Fritz and Marta survived, continued living there for many years.
The Kaufmann's were denounced and deported in 1944.
I hope to perhaps get some answers, from an archive with great history, known as the
"Fonds de Moscou".  (Moscow)

It was the general overall Police security police file (Sûreté) arching from 1920's until ? 1944? on all foreigners entering France.
The Germans seized it, then the Russians, who returned it top the French Archive Nationale in 1990's!
Does anyone have other sources that could help?

(I have already checked :
- Paris phone books, Fritz and Marta remained ex-directory as far as I could tell...
- the Paris census of 1936
- some of the Paris marriage registry , which has to be searched for each arrondissment...

Thank you for any help
Best wishes to all

Paris, France

David Choukroun

Dear David, (nice first name :)

You will have part of the answer most probably into the Fond de Moscou file where there is a reference about Fritz 
The right reference to ask to the French Archive Nationale is 19940435/16 (this was into the 1st supplementary list -- see below)
You might want also to check all the other files with the same name (quite unusual). I have seen about 10 other files -- possibly the same family

The other source I have in mind is the Archives of the Prefecture de Paris : 
Unfortunately, the Covid is preventing to search (on-site only) for this 2nd one  - We need to wait a possible re-opening in the next months to come

I guess you tried already the decennale table of Paris (for the marriage)

All the best 




David Selig

Thank you so much David. 

Do you have any idea of the kind of information held in the Préfecture archive? 
I have looked in specific "registres" but NOT in the Décennale tables.  I will try!
Best to all, David SELIG

David Choukroun

Hello David

In these archives, the files are most often linked to the surveillance carried out by the French police. 

Thus, you can find "confidential" reports about political activities, about meetings of various and varied associations, but also on regular subjects (debt, fights, accidents etc ...).
There are also documents on the property of people who passed through Drancy. 

Often very interesting, because the services of the Prefects and the French Police made full and detailed descriptions of the lives of people "under surveillance".

One also finds there searches in the "Sommiers" i.e. in the criminal records of the French Police.





Hi David (Selig)

For the time in question you have too look at the tables annuelles rather than the tables decennales.
Because there are no tables decennales for this years, but only tables annuelles.
The tables annuelles and decennales say in which part of Paris and when the marriage took place.
With this details it's easy to find the actual marriage record.

You metionned a residence card in Mannheim from where Martha emigrated.
Does it say if she was married or not and to whom she was married?
You also say she was born 26.11.1897, Bad Mergentheim, Germany.
Do you have the records of Bad Mergentheim? They are available online:


Corinne ITEN

David Selig

Hi Corinne

Many thanks again!
The tables annuelles are still by Arrondissement.  I have the address from AFTEr the war, just not sure before.   In any case, for the years of 1937, 38, 39, 40, I cannot find their marriage in the likely arrondissements.   I will continue to look in the others, but expect to find the ifnormation in the Naturalisation file, from the Archives Nationales.  Which are just now being moved! and likely aailable again within one month.
Marta'a card from Mannheim does NOT mention a second marriage. 
The Bad Mergentheim records, I do have.   Thank you again

Best wishes, David Selig