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My maternal grandfather, Louis S. Weil (Leizer Wahl), was from in or around Tarnobryzn Galicia. I have never been able to find any records from this shtetl.

When I was a child some of my grandfather's family would visit. They had numbers on their forearms which at that time I did not understand. I believe that the man in the glasses was my grandfather's nephew possibly from a sister, whose married name I do not know. I believe that post war they had been placed in a camp in Italy before coming to the U.S. settling in NJ where I am from. I believe they had two children.

Their photos and the words on the photos are attached. I would appreciate any help in translating these.

Over the years, I have always thought of trying to find their children/grandchildren but have not had any success. Many years ago, I reached out to organizations representing first-second generation of children of Holocaust survivors but the group did not seem to be active. Is there some sort of survivor website where relatives can try to locate the children, grandchildren of survivors?

Thank you beforehand for your help. I recently had a gravestone translated, and everyone who responded was so very kind.

L'Shana Tova. Please have an easy fast.

Deborah Miller, Annandale, VA

Thank you.

Yitschok Margareten

Left side card (2 messages):

For memory to our dear uncle and family
Our picture 
Chava Yaakov Rachel'le

This is Shlomo Strenger Chava's son


Right side card:

For memory to our uncle Benny our daughter 3 months old in the hand of her father

Yitschok Margareten 

Mitchell Collier

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Mitch Collier

Sherri Bobish


Do you mean Tarnobrzeg?

There are records for Tarnobrzeg at:


Sherri Bobish