Do you know this location? #lithuania

Richard Stower

On my grandfather-in-law’s naturalization form he lists “Gizejikanis” as his birthplace. Could someone tell me where this is located? My guess is that it around Kaunas/Kovno Lithuania because that is what he entered as being the last place he lived before coming to America.

Thank you.

Richard Stower
Yarmouth, Maine

David Barrett

It might be adavisable for us to see what exactly is written on the naturalisation form

David Barrett

Sherri Bobish


Try searching Kaunas here:

Next step is to look at the towns listed on the Kaunas page as being within a 30 mile radius.  Hopefully you will find “Gizejikanis” there.

Be sure to look at the town name variants on the page of any town that may be a possibility.  Most towns had several different names in various languages, and some variants can be quite different than one would expect.


Sherri Bobish

Elise Cundiff

Also,  it is possible that he (or whoever made the entry) spelled it as it sounded in English, but it could be spelled quite differently  when transliterated from Russian/Yiddish/Lithuanian.

Elise Cundiff

David Shapiro

Probably here:

Grinkiškis, Lithuania
55°34' N 23°38' E
90 miles NW of Vilnius

David Shapiro


using the jewishgen gazetteer Fuzziest search, it might be Greikonys, Gereykantsy, Greikonio, Greikonis  This is a link to a google map
and a link to places within 10 miles
2.4 miles away there is another possible match, Griškonys, Grishkantsy which is at  54°31' N 24°13' E 
or at

researching Glubokie, Dokshitsy Parfianovo Belarus; Gorodishche, Cherkassy district, Ukraine and Ignatovka Ukraine

Aaron  Ginsburg