Identifying where an ancestor is from #romania #ukraine #russia


Hello all! I have been going over documents of an ancestor of mine and he has listed his foreign residence as many different places. They are as follows: Padol-Russia, Podol-Russia, Russia, Romania, and finally Mesbesh-Soviet Union. The best I can come up with is Medzhybizh, which was in governorate of Podolia in Russia at the time. However, reading Romania on one census confused me, unless he was confused at the time when he filled it out. Thank you all!

-Matthew Levine


Both of my grandmother's had the same residency that you mention.  They were from Russia but their next stop in traveling was Bucharest, Romania. They listed that as there last known address. Your ancestor was not confused. They  were answering literally their LAST place they had stayed, not their original residence or country of origin.

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Alan Shuchat

It's hard to answer without knowing more details, but here is an example. My grandmother was born in Soroki when it was in the Bessarabia gubernia (governorate) of the Russian Empire. When she came to the United States she entered under the Romanian quota, because Soroki had become part of the Kingdom of Romania. Later Soroki was in the Moldavian SSR and it is now in Moldova. So she could have answered "Where were you born?" or "Where did you live?" in many ways.
Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA