How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records - Borokhovitch in Kherson #ukraine #russia #records

Nancy Reicher

Hi Donna,

Not that I know of. Mine are from Kherson city. I have a record of one birth from there and there were others available to me but I didn't know how any of the others were related. The one I got was of my great uncle's birth in 1855. It proved his name and my great grandparents names. I was thrilled. Actually there were two documents ; one in Russian and one in Hebrew or yiddish. They were identical.

Nancy L. Reicher


Nancy - I have been trying to find records for Borok, without much success. Could Borok and Borokhovitch be one and the same?


~Donna Borok Moss

Gary Pokrassa

there are a number of birth records available but no hits on Borokhovitch

no metric records are posted on Alex K for this period 
However there are revision lists:  

Kherson district ed. ed. code ]

Metric books of the Jews of Kherson // DAHerO fund 113, description 1.

Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division

Nancy Reicher

Is there any information for Kherson City in the Kherson  province(oblast? Gubernia?). Between 1840 an 1895, births, marriages, and deaths Name is Borokhovitch.

Nancy Reicher