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Barry Yunes

Subject: help with translation please

Could someone help me translate this stone please? I am looking for the parents names for Ida here. (or any geneology help)
Thanks in advance! 
Barry Yunes
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"Here lies an important and modest woman, who performed good deeds. 
"At old age, 76 years old, Mrs. Chaya daughter of R' Yehuda Aron [UNCLEAR] in the month of AV, in the year 5622 (1922), The lower inscription says (in abbreviation): "May her soul be linked to the chain of the living"  

Rafael Manory

David Barrett

May I add 3 items

1)  Note the unusual ending in Hebrew for YEHUDA wuth an 'aleph' instead of a 'hei'
2) the date actually says menachem Av -- which is the traditional reference to that month
 3) and I I am fairly sure that the [UNCLEAR] from Rafael above is  ז''ל = of blessed memory

David Barrett

Leya Aronson

The date in Menachem Av is 24. The actual words used are 24 days. And, David, you are correct. The two letters before the date are Z"L .
Leya Aronson,