The BELZ Yizkor (Memorial) Book has been translated!! #yizkorbooks

roe kard

Jack BERGER has now completed the translation of the Belz Yizkor Book (Memorial Book) and I had the honor of editing it. It is his sixteenth Yizkor Book translation. Yizkor books are the books that Survivors and Emigres from a town compiled in the 1970’s to memorialize their town.
The Belz book is ~250 pages long and includes the history of the town, stories about the town and the relations between the Hasidim and those who broke away, stories about people from the town, a lot about the 1930s, the time before the Holocaust, the Holocaust and post Holocaust. It is profound and includes citations of many, many Belz families.


For personal reasons, Jack chooses to do his translations on a voluntary basis and outside of the aegis of JewishGen. Hence, the book will not be available online at the JewishGens website or any other website and a few will be available to the general public, but only in the libraries to which people donate copies.


He expects to be going to print in mid-October, printing the number of books that have been ordered. It will then take about 8 weeks for the books to be printed and shipped to him and then about 2 weeks for him to mail them all out. He will be printing only as many copies as have been ordered.


If you are interested in ordering copies please send me a note and I will forward it to Jack. JewishGen rules preclude me from including his contact information in this message. And, i am always happy to answer any questions i can: roekard@...


Best regards,
Karen G.Rosenfeld Roekard
of the Rawa Ruska ROSENFELDs and the Belz ROKARTs

Susan Sorkenn

I am a proud supporter of Jack Berger’s translation efforts. He is a demanding scholar and is performIng a valuable service. These books are treasures.
Susan Kurtin Sorkenn