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Gerald and Margaret

I'm so pleased I noticed this conversation. - I found 3 of my ancestors on that  " Official Journal of the Royal Court of Breslau", which you say is granting citizenship to some of its Jewish population. 

Moses Bernard SCHLESINGER (Number 3089) lived in Langendorf !

The other two are:-  1128 Philipp GRAUPNER of BEUTHEN and 1542Jacob Israel HIRSCHMANN of  ?-efrendberg , plus 1543Ruben Israel HIRSCHMANN , , presumably a son or brother.  

Can anyone tell me more about granting citizenship to Jews at that time?  

Margaret Levin 
Finchley , London UK
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Rodney Eisfelder

Chag Sameach.
The Publication I cited, correctly spelt "Amts-Blatt der Koniglichen Breslauschen Regierung" can be viewed at The relevant issue, No. 45, dated 16-Nov-1814 can be downloaded as a pdf file from
Pages 17 to 63 of the pdf contain the names of 3755 Silesian Jewish citizens with their Kreis and Ort (district and place).
As it happens, my 3-greats-grandfather is not listed, but his presumed brothers are, with the Polish spelling of their surname (Kaczinsky instead of Katschinsky), living in Sohrau.
I can confirm that there are some entries for Langendorf, Kreis Tost. Wikipedia suggests that Langendorf only became part of Kreis Neisse in 1816.

Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia


Many thanks Rodney. 

It is Langendorf in upper Silesia. 

Chag Sameach, 

Rodney Eisfelder

You might have to be a bit more specific. There are many places called Langendorf, at least 9 in present day Germany, as well as a town in Switzerland, and a place in Austria. In addition to those, there are many places in Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Roumania, Russia etc where the German name was Langendorf.  See:
Using Menk's "Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames"
I conclude that you are probably referring to Bodzanow in Poland,_Opole_Voivodeship
but I could be wrong. That Langendorf is in Upper Silesia. I have ancestors from that general area, and I haven't yet seen their records of citzenship/name adoption. I think the official publication was in the "Amts-Blatt der Koniglichen Breslauchen Regierung" See pages 106 and 107 of Menk.
The ancestry collection you refer to applies to West Prussia. This refers to an area in Northern Poland surrounding Danzig/Gdansk and a long way from Upper Silesia. See:

I hope this helps, if only a little
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia


Shalom friends, 

I have read in a secondary source that on March 24, 1812, 45 heads of Jewish Langendorf families obtained their citizenship papers. Among these were 2 of my direct ancestors. 

I have searched the JewishGen database [], but unfortunately their names did not show up. Does anyone know how I can access records for the obtaining of citizenship in Langendorf for Jews in 1812?

Thank you very much indeed. 

Best wishes, 
Yoav Aran