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Susie Adani

Looking for my Dad and his siblings birth records. He was born in Ukmerge in 1915. In JewishGen the records only go up to 1914. 
I would really appreciate help.

Susie Adani

Russ Maurer


Unfortunately, birth records recorded in Ukmerge are sparse. There is 1895, which has been indexed, and then 1922-1939, which have not been indexed yet because of 100-year privacy. That's it, unless something new turns up somewhere. If you are seeing birth records for other years (e.g. 1914) they may mention Ukmerge as, for example, the father's place of origin, but they are not Ukmerge births and would have been recorded somewhere else.

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator, LitvakSIG

Bella Tseytlin

talking about Vilkomir/Ukmerge - my late gma, Alta Bak, was born in 1893 in Utena. So far I couldn’t  find any records of her existence (except obd memorial, where she was listed as next of kin for her missing in action young son) . It’s especially difficult as Alta may not be the name given at birth.

In your opinion, can I get anything from Kaunas Archives  if, in one of the Revision Lists for (supposedly) Alta’s family I’ve come across a girl (Leah Iudes  Bak) which more or less fits information re: my Gma?

Unfortunately, neither JewishGen, nor Ancestry has anything else on this person.

Or there is no hope to get any additional information? 

To Susie Adani, I’m So sorry to get into your post...

Many Thanks to both, 

Bella Tseytlin.

Melbourne, Australia 

Susie Adani

Thanks so much Russ! Does that mean that records for 1895-1922 don't exist or that they are still lying around in an archive in Ukmerge?

Susie Adani