Do you recognize this Marcus / Markus family? #usa

David Lewin

I am very much aware that the MARCUS/MARKUS family name is not rare.  I therefore need to try to generate some luck when hoping to find a particular branch.

I am trying to reach the family of Bertold & Dora MARCUS formerly in Czechoslovakia.  They had emigrated from Czechoslovakia to New York

Do you recognize this family group?

Do you know anyone else I could possibly ask?  Maybe someone researching the genealogy of the Marcus families?

1. Berthold MARCUS-1 (b.Abt 1899-Czechoslovakia d.1947-New York)
sp: Dorothy Dora KERSTEIN-2 (b.30 Dec 1903-Brooklyn,NY d.3 Feb 1967-New York)
               |-2. Joan MARCUS-3 (b.25 Jun 1929-Brooklyn,NY)
               | sp: Hyman Y RAFFE-5 (b.5 Jan 1916 d.3 Jan 2000-Atlantic Beach,NY)
                         | |-3. Patricia A RAFFE-6 (b.1 Feb 1957)
                         +-3. Robert RAFFE-8 (b.2 Feb 1960)
               +-2. Richard MARCUS-4 (b.25 Aug 1933-Manhatten d.Jan 1998-Fort Lauderdale. Florida)
                sp: Davys Kay WEISBERG-9 (b.17 Jun 1938-Superior,Wi d.Oct 1992-Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
                         |-3. C1 MARCUS-10
                         |-3. C2 MARCUS-11
                         +-3. Ashleigh MARCUS-12

Any suggestions where else I shoulld ask?

Thank you

David Lewin

Susan Lubow

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Susan Lubow